Łoł – Brad Und Angelina (MV)

How does an experimental electronica act have lyrics?

We use a loophole. These aren’t lyrics in a traditional sense, but words that have been edited to the music to provide a recognisable human element.

These are 2 different perspectives on pursuing a creative life filled with making experimental music.

Take from it what you will.

Verse 1: in which we encounter the drunken rumblings of a man outside a chicken shop. We asked him about experimental music theory. His speech was good. The wings were not.

It is not, it is not.
See beyond the point.
But the point is to focus on the point,
and keep still,
and always be regurgitating the same fucking shit,
over and over again until you are so fucking bored of what you are doing,
that you just can’t seem to do it anymore

So you make up these stupid fucking rules,
and carry on writing this bullshit music,
and you fucking hate it!
But you know at the end of the day, it’s the only thing that’s going to satisfy you.
And that’s sad man,
 that’s fucking sad

I mean… seriously…
What the fuck do you think you are doing…
Wasting your time… writing this bullshit music…


You gotta think about this.
 Where is this all heading?

[It’s experimental, AND I LIKE IT!]

Verse 2: in which we encounter the sober ramblings of someone discussing the merits of the łoł technique.


And here we come to the part of the program where we question the choices or merits that these guys make.
Well ostensibly, actually the type of merit that they have is indeed a word that we can look at quite deeply.
Because, do we mean Merit in the sense that we would use at school where it as an arbitrary point for,
er, your house or, er, your form?
Or are we indeed are we talking about merit in the form of a certificate;
something that is made with paper with ink on top of it.
Or are we looking at merit as a form of, um, praise?

And if we look at praise is there something religious about the music?
I don’t necessarily know. I don’t think that they know. I wonder who they worship.

And what is worship about it, if, it’s just a way to, um,
lead a singular path or a singular idea.
And here is the trouble, here is where everything comes from
because they have to dictate everything that they use by the roll of a die?!

And what is a die but a simple form of atheism;
where all choices lent out of the way and all ideas and all excuse are kind of thrown out of the window
and they say “I am not to blame.”

Well, are they to blame?
Well, perhaps they are to blame.
Well, the only thing that we can really say is that the music itself is not without some kind of merit,
even if that merit is blame.