Łoł produce (mostly) experimental and conceptual music dictated by chance-driven and game-like processes, dubbed the ‘Łoł Technique’. Łoł AKA “dicecardscoin” also produce experimental apps like A.R.T. and Randopedia and audio-music games like Muzeker so you can try and be a failing experimental in the comfort of your own home!

The music mostly sounds like and/or has roots in; IDM, Electronica, Ambient, Minimal, Noise, Shoegaze, Atmospheric, Soundtrack, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, but better have a listen and come up with your own conclusion.

Łoł have got swept up in the foray of NFT art and have collaborated with some really awesome visual artists to produce NFTs, we’ve created audio/visual experiments dubbed the Transmutational Alchemy series.

Any requests, questions, comments, hate mail please feel free to reach out to us, send a message

Body of Work

In the spirit of the music and process the Łoł website is best experienced alongside a dice*, a coin and a deck of cards. Throughout this website there will be a series of reading and browsing paths you will be able to go down… a ‘two lies and a truth’ style interactive presentation.

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