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MUZEKER The Musical Audio Game

We enjoy writing music using randomizing strategies and we decided to share with a wider audience, as such we invite you to try the Muzeker Audio Game challenge

A deck of cards. 52 random samples. 90 minutes to write a track. Welcome to Muzeker | The Game.

On this page we;

  • Explains how to play the ‘game’
  • Contains download links to the samples you need to compose
  • Features a playlist of previously created compositions (we will feature every track made using the Muzeker process)
  • A link to a survey (we’d love to know about your experience)

So, what are you waiting for, let’s play Muzeker!

Phase 1 – Setup

  • Open your DAW
  • Decide your own BPM and Time Signature (We recommend using A.R.T. to do so*)
  • Grab and shuffle a deck of cards, place on table facing down

Phase 2 – Find Samples

  • Draw 5 cards from the top of the deck
  • Download the respective 5 samples (you can find these at the bottom of the page or download Muzeker compatible audio sample packs here
  • At this point you may listen to the samples and decide if you would like to discard any samples in exchange for new ones. However, you can only do so once and can only start the game with a total of 5 samples

Phase 3 – The Turn

  • Set a timer for 30 minutes, start the timer
  • Start making music using ONLY the samples you have available to you (You cannot use any additional samples or midi instruments)
  • At the end of 30 minutes stop ALL actions

Phase 4 – Reload

  • Whichever samples you did not use – you must now discard them.
  • Draw 5 new cards to add 5 new samples to your ‘hand’
  • Reset the timer, don’t forget to save your work.

Phase 5 – Repeat until END

  • Repeat phases 3 & 4 until you have completed 3 TURNS in total
  • After a total  of 3 TURNS you have reached the end. Don’t forget to save
  • You now move on to the production phase

Phase 6 – Production

  • The production phase has no time limit, but we suggest not overthinking it.
  • The production phase is for polishing whatever turd you’ve just laid.
  • YES TO:
    • Mix levels
    • Set and adjust EQ’s
    • Use FX to polish but not create entirely new sound elements
  • NO TO:
    • Arrange – no creating drops/intro’s/outro’s
    • Structure – no adding of new samples
    • Additional FX or instruments – you cannot create new parts

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You did it. We wanna hear it (and we’d like to share it) so others can too! So long story cut short, please could you submit your music via this form – there a few additional questions there because we would love to get some feedback about the game, so we’d appreciate you answer them. If, however you are in a rush please just answer the questions related to your song and artist name and whether or not you’d like us to share it on our platform via our soundcloud playlist, we also accept anonymous submission.

Please note: You retain full rights to your audio submission, obviously.

We hope you had fun playing Muzeker, any further questions or problems? please do send us a message (if it’s heads) – or transmit your message via carrier pigeon (if it’s tails)