Łoł – Intelligence Gaps (MV)

Making of the track

Both the “music” & “speech” elements were composed using our chance-based systems and rules – all of which determined the outcome of the track.

Every decision, from; time signature, bpm, to what instruments were allowed to be used, were decided by the roll of a die, the flip of a card, the toss of a coin, and many other randomising strategies to take the entire creative process out of our direct control.

Intelligence gaps ended up sounding like a crazy roller-coaster ride through the offbeat world of fast paced electronica and IDM


Making of the video

The visualisations for Intelligence Gaps were made entirely in Ableton using ‘Ganz Graf Mod X’ Max for Live plugin, developed by Synnack – http://www.synnack.com/

Each stem was sent through the Ganz Graf Mod X plugin – Each visualisation was screen-recorded – All recordings were layered up in Final Cut Pro 7.

Then we took a nap.


The end section of the song has an entirely different groove because at that point; the dice told Vinni to drop the bpm of the song by 30-40%.

A rough rule to have been given, but thankfully one that paid off well.


The ‘speech’ element came into play because for one turn, Amit was not allowed to make music, instead, he had to spend the turn making text. He ‘sampled’ various blog posts and cut & paste them together to make the ‘speech’ and sent it through a text-to-speech program online.