NFT idea generator twitter bot artist collaboration project

NFTs the latest craze sweeping the metaverse, we noticed a lot of NFT artist are creating beautiful visual masterpieces but also noticed a lot of them were missing (or not including) an audio component. We decided to extend a collaborative welcome to some of our favourite NFT artists to work on a conceptual audio visual art project.

We have used twitter bots in past, our #brokenrandomiser would create half-baked suggestions on how to create experimental music. In this project we took things a step further.

The description of each NFT art piece is generated by our own coded twitter bot. In essence, the tweet’s created by the bot became the overall creative director of the art piece. The tweet dictates how the final art piece should look and sound by describing the scene and music. We, the visual and sonic artist, the human elements, then fulfil its requirements.

The bot also suggests what software should be used to create the audio and visual components and does a crude art appraisal by suggesting what price the NFT should be sold at. We do employ a bit of artistic license. The most important part and consistent element across all of these collaborative pieces is we stick to the visual and audio theme in the tweet.

In this series we have decided to limit each series to a maximum of 6 collaborations, the 6 representing our favourite deity of whim and chance aka the die. We have decided to release these pieces on Opensea on the Ethereum blockchain.

Series One – ŁoŁ X Beatrice Von Millhouse

This is our genesis collection, 6 Unique, limited edition A.I. generated audio-visual pieces, a conceptual collaborative NFT art series exclusively between ŁoŁ and Beatrice Von Millhouse.
In this series we are thrilled to collaborate with visual artist Beatrice Von Millhouse an artist, who works with machine learning, A.I. algorithms, open source tools and data sets. Through her own refined process, Beatrice Von Millhouse creates these unique looking animations. Please find out more about Beatrice here –

NFT List

  1. Edition of X/10 – “Jeff Bezos in Space” (aka Dick Rocket) – This is an example of where our Twitter bot became somewhat of a prophet. It’s also the piece you see displayed to the right, the link to buy is directly embedded and links to Opensea to make a purchase – buy on opensea
  2. Edition of X/10 – “Jimmy Kimmel hi-fiving Van Gogh, in unicorn land” – Forgettable Ambient Soundtrack – buy on opensea
  3. Edition of X/10 – “Steve Jobs filming Super Mario, as a diorama” – Minimalist Bluegrass Soundtrack buy on opensea
  4. Edition of X/10 – “Mark Cuban in a Superman suit at the last supper” – Minimalist Nerdcore Soundtrack – buy on opensea
  5. Edition of X/10 – “Michelle Obama playing cards with Jesus, on a Zelda map.” – Forgettable Lowercase Soundtrack – buy on opensea
  6. Edition of X/10 – “Arnold Schwarzenegger massaging William Shatner, in a dystopian setting” – Disappointing Jazz Soundtrack – buy on opensea

Future artist collaboration TBA

Would you like to collaborate with us on a future series? Please get in touch!